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2015 New Year’s Resolutions

I made 2 so far:

1 – ask to be paid for every service I provide. Do not offer anything for nothing. This is in part to get a better response from clients as well as improve my self-value.

2 – lead with optimism not fear. This relates to my financial reality, stop beginning every conversation with how precarious my financial status is, how I earned not quite 50% of what I need to cover my minimum costs. Instead be optimistic and trust that people will also want to support me if I am not presenting financial fears..

3 – get on the Yoga mat 3 times a week because it makes me feel great

4 – invest in thai language lessons in Thailand. Because going on souvenir hunts or spending money snacking on surplus snackables will probably cost almost as much as language lessons while not giving me an in-depth view of the place I am in the way language can.

5 – be courageous and create opportunities for myself, find 2 customers per week to book me for a photo shoot. It doesn’t matter if it is a big one or a casual one. But get paid. No free work for anybody, anywhere.

6 – Create more drawings of birds and sheep, people enjoyed them. I think I can sell more. Also portrait drawings. In January fill a sketchbook with practice drawings. After that suggest to people that they could buy the drawings.

7 – live in a van in California and make it work. Pay my credit cards off by October 2015.

8 – take time to myself, away from a computer, make room for reflection and stillness.

9 – work on my project “39 Ways” , on my academic plans, on the Finland project, apply for grants this year and don’t give up so easily and apply for residencies and keep trying.

10 – find a way to define myself in one sentence.

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