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10 minutes Yoga

I have been feeling a little low and sluggish in the past weeks. Things have been quite stressful and unsettling in life and it has distracted me from eating how I usually do and from moving my body enough.
I have already gotten a grip again on my food and thought I share with you a regular yoga practice that you can follow along to as well. In case you are in a slump you probably already know that moving your body and eating vibrantly will help you get through this. And if you are feeling good: of course you can only gain and feel even better.. I found this video on Youtube and enjoyed the mini yoga stretching session. I feel much better and would like to really recommend that you give it a try.
One word of caution is that the side position, where the yoga teacher rests on the side of her foot and on one palm: this is a bit much for a beginner. Play with it but be careful.
The first rule of yoga is ‘Ahmisa’ = it is a rule of non-harm. This included thought and actions, yourself and the external world.

Let me know if you tried the practice. Have a lovely and vibrantly healthy day!

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  1. Stephen Hughes says

    A wonderful start to the day! – I’m new to yoga, but found this very helpful and stretched my body for the day

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