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When life is full of human sized Dungballs .. (aka: What happened to purpose?)

Dungbeetle and Sisyphus / in the countryside / art / performance for film and passing audience 2008, a photo by Birgit Deubner on Flickr. .. When life is full of human sized Dungballs then you really know that it is time to work out a plan of action.. I am finding myself in a situation in life where everything could happen or nothing at all, and don’t you just love it when I am exceptionally abstract and … yes by now I would stop reading, too (I think). My life is so unbelievably improbable, so much the opposite of normal and while I think that I have an allergy to ‘normal’ this absence of it is making me feel like I am breaking out in a rash threatening to turn into elephantiasis (I enjoy exaggerations from time to time). What happened to knowing one’s purpose? My weeks and months are filled with research that lies around the place like a bunch of loose ended yarn after a pack of cats went wild on it.. I …

Dreams for Change

If you want it, then I really firmly believe you have to start to dream it and believe it. Whatever it is. Your personal future, the future of the earth we live on, our collective future. A lot of what we take for granted makes actually not all that much sense. Take the value of a piece of paper for example, depending on what you print on it, its value can be none or great, the value is assigned by an accepted agreement to assign it value, one distant century in the past people may have called this an unlikely dreamt up idea. So go ahead, dream the change you want to see and share the dream. Just remember how women’s right to vote was once a dream, not even so very long ago. Or how flying was a dream and now we all do it (or could do it if we saved up and chose to do so.). Dream, go, dream and let’s save our world with some inspiration. What do you think about this?