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The Kafkaesque life of conscientious consumers & small Farmers in America: Farmageddon

I thought you might be interested why the price of organic is so high and why it can be so hard to find natural food choices. I believe this is gong to be a growing problem. But we have a big choice here and it starts with our shopping carts. Farmageddon offers an insight into the problematics of the food safety rules generated in response to large scale industrial farming and then applied to small scale farming. This documentary might make you wonder what happened to rational thinking and measured responses. The small scale farms featured have experienced Kafkaesque Traumas at the hand of the American Department of Agriculture. Armed raids took place on small scale farms, with children present. The crimes: organic farming & raw milk production. Sheep were seized and killed for having mad cow disease, when no sheep has ever had mad cow disease. Certainly not an organic sheep that has been under a year long quarantine….