New & Useful Things

With so much change ahead it is time to streamline as well as refresh my belongings so that they will serve me on this very varied road into the future! (Brexit, Travel, living in America, going to photograph and teach English in Asia and getting ready to eventually move to Sweden… yes, that’s all a LONG story!)

here is the link for all things I am purchasing through USA websites

and here a link for all things purchased in the UK

These are pieces of equipment that I sue, items of clothing that I need or desire, book recommendations and bits and pieces that help live an unconventional life! Everything in these lists is either strongly coveted by me or I already own it. I am NOT adding anything that I don’t feel is a great idea!

The links are mostly (not all) affiliate links. This means that at NO additional cost to you I will make a small percentage on your purchase. Amazon for example will pay me 1-2-3-4% of the purchase price that you pay for something I recommend. It helps me out in small increments and eventually I use the money to purchase a coffee or a book, perhaps a meal if it works out well. There is NO negative effect or catch for you, only small supportive benefits to me. THANK YOU for considering visiting my page before making an Amazon purchase!