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What I am doing to prepare moving from England to California + letting go of the past

Letting go of life’s treasures is really hard. Many spend weeks on my kitchen table as the process of selling them on Ebay is time consuming and not always straightforward..


Trying out life in California / USA :

After having been invited to a job 3 days a week with healthcare before I even arrived in the US (yay) the job turned into just weekends and no healthcare, then the company couldn’t actually hire staff until further notice and now they are excited to hire me for 8 hours (naturally without healthcare). This process took 3 months so far.. (not that I am waiting only for them, I have other projects I am busy with but I find this a curious example of how to handle not yet employees.. what does this promise for the future working relationship?) Anyhow this has turned into a zero hour contract job and then as I am trying to fill in my details (on a 3rd party site! OBJECTION!) I find that I can not really proceed until I sign the below document release form… As a part-time photographer I am familiar with model release forms and this one is on a whole new level. I would never ask anybody to sign such a dreadful thing. Who …