About Birgit

I am an ArtistPhotographer, living in an intercontinental romance with a professional American glassmaker, across 3 continents (America, Europe, Asia). I have lived in a near perpetual nomadic state for 10 years and I had started a blog a few years after I first really discovered travel: www.overthesevenseas.blogspot.co.uk I think this blog was begun in 2006. Wow. IF only I had realised how much potential my unconventional life had back then! If I could have anticipated how many times I would fly, how I would fall in love in Venice, Italy…..

So, today I continue to balance on the tightrope of international living. These days I have a green card for America and still have my Art works of my past life stored there along with that identity that accompanied those times past.




www.over7seas.com is a continuation of my early wanderlust blog overthesevenseas.blogspot.co.uk . I am hoping that it might be possible to reach few more friends and strangers, that what I discover along the way may be of some benefit to you and help me develop my writing..

For now this page is an experiment, trying out some things, a journal to share photographs, write up ideas for the future.. define my path and catch the Muse by the tail before she slips away again..

Let me use this blog to tell the story of our unconventional life, in chapters, as they took place. I am writing our, because this is not my journey alone, it involves my lovely partner and it to varying degrees involves you, too. My friends who have stood by my side and cheered me on, those friends who helped with small actions that helped so tremendously much… You strangers who will hopefully linger a little while, hopefully you will ask me many questions that I can try and write answers to.

You can see more of my photography on my website: http://www.over7seas.smugmug.com

Xing profile: https://www.xing.com/profile/Birgit_Deubner




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