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Applying for a Thai Visa in March 2022

Visa Application & Planning travel to Thailand. This post is for you if you have anxiety applying for your visa to visit Thailand. If you feel stressed and uncertain then you are not alone. Let’s do this together. Step by step.

Let me know how I can help you pick up the energy to start the application and return to Thailand. The motherland of all tasty things, culture, sounds and scents that nowhere else can match.

(The steps start after the next paragraph, which is a diaristic midstream of how this all feels for me, and maybe you recognise a little of yourself.)

It’s now been officially an eternity since we last had the opportunity to spend time in our favourite country in the world. The global events of 2020-2021 were hard on us all and travel may be a little frivolous a concern but is mental health frivolous, too? I should speak just for myself: Thailand is a place in the world where I feel at ease, my soul gets to catch its breath and I need that. Regularly. Wherever your place of restoration is: make sure to prioritise to make time and create resources to allow you to be there. It’s wonderful if that is your community and coffee shop, but for me Thailand is perfect. Let’s cut to the chase. Applying for visas is ever more daunting after this long period of intense stress and isolation. The visa application process for travel to Thailand has changed and there are more steps now. I also previously travelled from the UK and need to navigate a different system here in the USA.

My current situation: I am waiting for a new passport in the mail and I don’t yet know my travel dates. It could be soon or maybe it will be many months. I thought I share this with you. Maybe you, too, have an obstacle of unpredictable life and uncertainty. Get started anyway. We will do it together. Click on this picture and start your application.

I will add the steps in the order that I am doing them here. As long as the list is incomplete it means that I am still in the process of applying. Please start your own process and come back after each step and tell me how you are getting on.

Monday February 28th


  • Create an account on . You need to type in your name, your email, create a password. (keep a copy of your password, seriously.) Then you need to go to your email and confirm it by clicking on the link you received. (This process takes 2 minutes). The website uses a captcha, where you have to type in distorted letters to prove that you aren’t a spambot. Once you do all this (2 minutes) you are in.
  • Now I have an account on the Thai government website to apply for my Thai e-visa. (I’ll continue to write in the first person from here on.) Let me know below if you have completed this 1st step, too.
You should now be inside your account. (Please tell me if I ever accidentally leave personal information on public view. I try and keep it private but I appreciate your support. I sometimes overlook things.)

This picture shows what the Thai e-visa account looks like before you begin your application. What’s next?

  • Decide and select the purpose of your trip

Select: What will be the purpose of my visit?

This is actually surprisingly difficult for me. At this early stage I am not sure if I will be able to stay longer than 30 days even if I can qualify for a much longer visa. Here are some of the options that stand out as attractive to me personally. Standard single entry tourist visa (drawback: I won’t be able to visit my friend in Cambodia. But I probably wouldn’t be able to afford too much travel anyway.) A short course education visa (single entry, I am not sure how long this visa can be for.) And then I spotted this incredible visa that I haven’t heard anybody speak about anywhere: STV visa = Special Tourist Visa. It would bring the total possible duration of stay to 270 days! Oh I wish I could just say YES to that! It is however also just a single entry visa. Which makes sense considering we are still at the tailed of a global health crisis. Choices..

What I would most like would be the original 60 day tourist visa that can be extended by an additional 30 days to bring me to an optional 90 day long stay in total. My heart of course wants to stay longer.

Which one applies or appeals to you the most?

next post (coming soon): Women travelling to Thailand, where are you? Follow this blog and leave a comment, I want to hear from you.

another post coming soon: Planing my journey to Thailand to take my dog to the dentist.

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