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Use my link to sign up to Wise & save on international money transfers (compared to Paypal or your traditional bank)

One way to support my blog, the work & time that it takes to write, is to use my Link to sign up to Wise.

Wise offers hands down THE best international currency conversion when you send money to yourself (or to friends, family, businesses) between countries. Wise also has a borderless bank account with wallets in multiple currencies. This allows you to get paid and/or safely store your money in multiple currencies.

When you use my link to sign up and use Wise for your money transfers abroad (you can do this without a bank account with them) I will receive a bonus to my own Wise account. I ONLY recommend Wise because the company has saved me well over $1000 in the last few years. (I periodically send money between the UK and USA and occasionally receive payments for Art work or services from abroad into my Transferwise account.)

Here is my WISE sign-up link.

This is called an affiliate link, because I get a reward for telling you about Wise. In case you have never before heard about Wise you can ask me any questions that you might have.

(Wise used to be called Transferwise before they re-branded with a new name. I wish they hadn’t because I don’t like change but that says more about me than Wise.)

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