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Have you paid for Business Coaching? How much should I pay?

I have paid for money mindset & business coaching and I am also currently supporting 9 clients with their career development needs. As a coaching recipient I would say that you’ll get out proportional to what you put in.

At the start of 2021 I had 5 coaching sessions with a fabulous woman called Oriana Fowler (Coach to creative business owners & photographer herself.) She helped me through a tough patch and put me on my feet again. I don’t know her current prices and wouldn’t put them here even if I did. Why is that you may ask? Because prices change, and they should change, depending on the client and the specific change and growth that the coach is helping bring to the client. The fee can be a reflection of the value the work presents to the client. Who sets the value? Initially the coach and by a client to decides to enter the relationship at the quoted fee.

Q: “Can you not make this a bit easier for me? I have never had any coaching, what is a range I should expect?”

A: Where are you? What is your business / career that you are getting help with? What is your income now and what your target income goal? Or if not a monetary outcome then what is your coaching goal? What is the potential that you want to fulfil and reach and what is this worth to you? What will it cost you to move slowly or stay in place without support?

Coaching will (may) have a different price depending on the country that you and your coach are in. I imagine that it would be unusual to pay $300 for a coaching session in the Czech Republic or Poland, while in the USA a single session could cost this much (and more, or of course you could find a fantastic coach for $150 per session in the USA, if you get lucky.)

I apologise if I am not exactly helping clarify what YOUR coach is worth to YOU. It depends on so many variable. But in any case don’t spend more than you can afford to lose. I would say the same about physical trainers and therapists. A large part of the value that you are paying for actually depends on your willingness to put in the time and effort. Change won’t come from passive participation (of course you already know this.)

As for my own career development coaching sessions that I am hosting: 
My fee is proportional to my clients’ current and target income. I currently work with individuals from 3 continents and am testing an inclusive pricing strategy based loosely on income potential by country. 

My pricing policy is still a project in development and I am trying out hourly and package pricing models based on various metrics i.g. my client’s own hourly / monthly salary, cost of living, their target salaries when they are on track to get employed remotely by an employer in a high salary country. Let me know if you would like updates on this and if you would like to buy me a coffee or lunch bagel for my writing time then I’ll be grateful. It’s welcome but not expected.

Sorry for not (yet) throwing out numbers but without knowing the industry & country a client is operating they don’t seem to make so much sense. 
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