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My 3 favourite Asia Travel Youtube Channels

Paddy Doyle in Thailand

Paddy Doyle in Thailand A friendly, wholesome, family friendly Youtuber, currently exploring all 77 provinces of Thailand on his little scooter / motorbike. Great viewing for anyone who has always wondered: “Why aren’t we seeing more about Thailand outside of the well known tourist hotspots?” Paddy is doing a great service to broadening all of our horizons and the next time we visit we should all take a leaf out of his book and get off the comfortable beaten path because it’s a big country with so much more to offer than the same same places.

From his Channel about page: “About Paddy – I LOVE to entertain, educate, and inspire people to get out there and have adventures, so let’s explore the world, eat new and fantastic foods, and let’s just spread some positive vibes as we do so!”

ABOVE is one of his recent videos that I missed to watch and I only noticed because I went to look for a good video for you to view to get a first impression.

And how could I almost forget? Paddy shares beautiful drone footage of many of the places that he visits. If you are a Thailand geek then the drone footage is a must see. (I’ll link it HERE & BELOW.)

(I recommend that you play YOUR OWN music if Paddy’s choice doesn’t do it for you. I played this super cute and relaxing Korean playlist at low volume, while watching Paddy’s drone footage. It was the perfect combination for me.)

If you want to follow along Paddy’s 77 province journey then you can jump right in OR go all the way back to the first video of the Series #1. Link HERE .

Retired Working for You

Retired Working for You Here is another positive, feel good and mostly family friendly Youtube Channel by a Canadian called Chris. Chris’s channel has exploded thanks to his energetic, positive personality and frequent acts of generosity. He shares his good fortunes with the people of Thailand.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Minna Oh & Sweet and Tasty TV

Sweet and Tasty TV is the brainchild of Minna Oh, a Korean American creator and owner of at least 3 Youtube channels. Her videos show her positive and slightly quirky personality – perhaps better described as imaginative. She seems to have captured and maintained a little sense of wonder at the small things in life. You’ll know what I mean once you watch 2-3 of her videos. Sweet and Tasty TV is all about Korean travel and Korean food, including several instruction videos for making your own Korean food.

Manna Oh is frequently accompanied by Mommy Oh, her adorable and all food appreciating mother.

A very family friendly channel and very respectful of people’s privacy: Minna Oh blocks people’s faces with little almonds to respect their privacy, unless they have given consent to being filmed. (Obviously here and there people stray into the scene and not 100% of strangers receive an almond for a face mask but I appreciate Minna’s thoughtfulness and respect for others.

Do you have Channel Suggestions for me for positive and inspiring Youtube Creators who travel (and possibly also focus on a single location)?

And if you love Thailand and need a huge list of Youtubers based out of Thailand in 2020-2021 then I have you covered. I researched a list of 40+ Youtubers in Thailand, link HERE, with a handful of women, POC and local Thai creators. I LOVE your suggestions for channels that I have missed, please share them with me. I am always on the lookout for new or new to me youtubers. If you know of any Thai Youtubers then I would be doubly grateful for your tips.

(P.s. I am working on an updated list for 2021-2022.)

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