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Where can we travel to in 2021?

Yesterday I had a medium anxiety attack feeling caged in by the current health situation that we are facing around the world or rather I felt my freedom of movement restricted by the COST of getting the mandatory health tests that are required to travel. In the UK those costs are astronomical and I can’t help myself but have to say: the cost seems unethical to me. Isn’t someone making a juicy profit? I don’t believe that infection tests really cost £100-£150 each, by the time one takes all the mandatory tests upon arrival and then again upon return the costs can easily rise beyond £400. I suspect that the real cost of producing, administering and evaluating these tests is far below this price.

Well. I grumble. But I found something that is making me feel less stressed. I am not sure that it solves my stress response towards the cost of testing but it helps knowing which countries are more accessible to me when I decide to take a break.

The link below takes you to a fantastic resource where you can check which country you can travel to and with which level of restrictions. It’s free to use and made me personally feel more liberated.


Can I ask you for your experience of your current home country? What does it feel like? Optimistic, hopeful, vibrant, alive, positive & filled with opportunities? That’s the news that I am looking for.

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