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Living for (almost) free in San Francisco

but it comes at a price.

Part #2 of my Absolute beginner Entrepreneur series is delayed.

A side effect of housesitting is that the timing of when we move between houses is not entirely in our control. So just as I may be ready to resume photo and text creation & editing; a house move may be on the cards instead.

House moves are time and energy consuming, they often lead to a backlog of business tasks that get pushed further and further back, while new tasks pile up on top, leading to a somewhat insurmountable mountain of tasks. But maybe that is just called: Being self-employed.

It is November 1st and my plans of launching my own separate business and my new and improved Birgit 2.0 are indefinitely delayed. This was meant to be the year in which I film & publish 100 interviews and to be honest it could still have been that year but the mental toll taken by the wild uncertainties and restrictions of an unprecedented global event just seem to have short circuited my capacities for creating positive change for myself. Oh but not my capacity for impossibly long sentences.

So where are we?

In San Francisco?

By this point in the year I envisioned myself to be creating a handsome revenue from my new business, I wasn’t expecting financial miracles but I was sure that by the last quarter of 2020 I would be making an income that I would be proud of. Instead: not so much.

This is however where my little ebook – course – project comes back in. I still want to share with you things that over the years have helped me create the financial emergency buffers and/or extra money to allow us to travel internationally. The way I did it is nothing special and everybody can achieve a few extra thousand dollar annually (or insert your currency here). There is the potential for a couple of thousand a month, it depends on your location, your engagement and your willingness to sometimes be uncomfortable.

Last weekend we touched on the importance of opening up the channels by which money can reach you. It recently took me 2 weeks of sending several messages before I prompted a travel writer I have been following for 18 months to finally get her set up. My point being that as a content creator aka provider of travel imagery, recommendations and stories she should have an avenue that allows us to tip her for her labour and time.

The art of writing and image creation takes time, and when done well it also takes skills that require further time to build. Consider what you access for free online and what it took the creators of the content to provide it for you. I am not saying everybody has to whip out their wallet every time they read, view, watch, learn anything but it is one of the possible ways to ensure that there will be more of the same in the future.

Other ways (aside from paying them) to support the creators, authors, artists, educators whose work you benefit from include ensuring that you press the like, subscribe and clap buttons (they vary depending on what platform you are using). Leaving a short, relevant, appreciative comment is also of value. Why?

As a reader, viewer, student, audience of any type you can help create more visibility for the content creator you want to support, simply by ‘engaging’ with their offerings. The platform algorithms may take more note of a creator whose post gets comments, whose page receives clicks and retains the viewer longer. More engagement can lead the algorithm to reward the creator by showing their post to more new viewers.

Where was I?

Really I just wanted to check in with you to let you know my follow up post for ‘Overcoming poverty mentality. Take control over your finances. How not to stay poor, use digital technologies to help you regain more financial control’ is a little delayed. It takes longer to write than a pondering mind flow..

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