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Coronavirus affects Trusted Housesitters – and Local petsitters on ROVER

In today’s post:


At the time of writing it is March 10th and news of Corona Virus affecting every walk of life are becoming more frequent. People working from home, will need less dog walking services but maybe more food delivery services. Dogwalkers & Doggy Day care facilities will lose income, maybe some will close down, depending on how long this situation stays. To me it is looking like this is just the beginning and a lot of people will be affected for quite some time to come.

How will house- and petsitters be affected by the Corona Virus?

I imagine we will soon hear about the first short notice cancellations of sitters and/or homeowners, as people may choose to not travel to limit their exposure to possible infection or simply to mitigate the effects of a ‘just in case’ scenario. We would probably all prefer to be sick at home in our usual environment than in a faraway city or country, especially while so much is still unknown about the progression of catching and the manifestation of the CoVid-19. Wash your hands people!

Let’s get to the points or rather questions that this brings up for me:

Have you got any, and if so what kind of, insurance policies that you have put in place, atop before the time of booking your pet sit? In the case of housesitters through Trustedhousesitters, who often travel abroad for their housesitting / petsitting bookings: Do you have a contingency plan? Is your flight refundable? Do you have money in your budget to cover the cost of staying at a hostel or hotel instead of the free accommodation that you were expecting? For all of us, local house – petsitters and international house – pet sitters alike: Do you have a contract and if yes, what does it cover? Will you get compensated for incurred expense or loss of income, for those of us who are paid for the majority of their petsitting engagements?


Ethically, would you take money from people who cancel a booking with you, a cancellation that can cost you hundreds of dollars, pounds sterling or Euro, and/or result in significant loss of income? Is it something that you discussed at the time of booking? Did you have the what-if-emergency-conversation? Do you have a contract and does it contain a ‘what-if-clause’? Would you differentiate between a cancellation made due to preference and one made due to let’s say an immovable mountain need such as that your client might be elderly or otherwise in an immunocompromised category and hence truly be safer to not take any risks that for an average healthy person wouldn’t even be considered a risk? 

I will leave you with a lot of my questions. I am very interested in hearing your thoughts, experiences and feedback. 

Do you usually have a contract or just a verbal agreement? We use contracts and I will talk a little more about this in my next post. Until then, thank you for stopping by and joining the conversation.

(I will also cover in my next posts how this will affect home- and pet owners, please hit follow this blog/website to be notified when the next post is out)

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