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Exploring coding bootcamps #1

I was just putting my ‘feelers out’ and then life got in the way of follow up.
I am comparing curriculums and calculating risk, given that I am from a non-science and non-finance background.
Once I enrol in any program I won’t have a strong safety net to fall back on financially, it feels like this will be my last shot, if gone wrong it could throw me off the economical, financial cliff, so I have to consider a few factors.

a) Want to make sure the program is a fit
b) I need to be employable with the skills acquired, yet it does not have to be in a high profile capacity. Bear in mind I am starting from scratch. I’m a html baby!
c) My best starting month might be December, I didn’t find wasn’t anything compatible with that preference. But it’s not a sole deciding factor. But if the program is 12-24 weeks and outside of the US (which is where I am looking for cost reasons) then I also need to consider the effect on my American Greencard. (In case you don’t know: to have and keep a greencard one must be more or less permanently in the country, one should not do anything that could be considered as no longer resident in the US or run risk to be denied re-entry, yes that could happen at the airport!)

d) Of course I am comparing multiple program options, including Le Wagon in Berlin, London and Lisbon, Northcoders in Manchester UK, Ironhack in Lisbon, Hackbright Academy in San Francisco (depending on finding a scholarship). But I am really still figuring it out and I think I’ll make a spreadsheet to compare curriculum offerings to get a clearer overview.
e) The train route between Liverpool and Manchester is unreliable and that could be a final stumbling block for enrolment to Northcoders as my other place that I still spend time in is Liverpool. (British infrastructure argh! Why is it such a mess. What about the promise that privatisation would solve everything?)

So for the moment I dropped the ball, I need to clear a week to dive deeper into pre-course prep. For pre-course prep Codecademy looks great, I paid for a month of pro-membership and it’s been a week and I haven’t done any coursework, what a fool am I to waste time = money like this? Freecodecamp is also really good but for as I go through the tasks I didn’t notice any way of being able to tell how much further it is to the next road marker. This actually meant that I practised for less time than on Codecademy which tell you how many tasks of how many you have accomplished.
An example would be 7/14 , this lets me know that I am half way to the next road marker, to an interim goal. This helps me push through for longer practice sessions than Freecodecamp, which doesn’t seem to offer some way of checking progression.

I have only completed a few hours html learning so far, but I live in one of the global hotspots for tech environments and am listening in to tech related conversations often. It’s something that reaches me almost by osmosis here in San Francisco. Among other things I also work occasionally with a range of mid career and senior tech field professionals in a number of employment positions, providing German lessons at their place of work.

Being here, in this surrounding, is what is alerting me towards tech being a possible matching future for myself. It is still quite daunting, it would be a complete change and I am not sure that I have the courage. The fear of the unknown is still greater than my curiosity and risk taking courage. But listening to all the internet ‘gurus’ I should know better. Still risk taking is hard for me, I am sure it is for most people? Would you share your stance towards risk taking with me in comments? I’d love to hear it.


Thanks for checking in and reading. Please keep me on your ‘check-on-that-woman-list’ (aka: subscribe, leave a comment if subscribing doesn’t work for any reason and I’ll try fix it.)

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