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Things I buy & Why I signed up to Amazon as an Associate

I just signed up to Amazon Associates, again (I got kicked out previously for inactivity), which means that when I post a link to a product here on my website (or elsewhere) I can qualify to receive a small percentage of each sale that takes place as a result of somebody following the link.

Following a link to a product that I post on my blog will:

  • NOT cost you a cent more
  • Benefits me, as I get somewhere between 1-4% of the sales price

Why does Amazon pay me a few cents from the money they make of your purchase? So the way I understand it Amazon considers that unless you used my link to the product you may not have bought anything or that thing. So they pay this referral fee, which is kind of like an advertisement fee?

When you open a magazine of any kind, most have some adverts in it somewhere (some appear to be 90% advert, 10% content, but that’s another conversation), those adverts are paid for by the company. Now that so much of the information and content that we enjoy is on people’s personal websites it makes sense to reward us who are recommending something (because we personally enjoy or desire the thing in question) with a small fee for bringing a potential customer to Amazon, who stand to make their revenue through the sales..

Hang on, so the title of my post is: Why I decided to join Amazon Associates.  It is simple, I think it is amazing that if I use a product that is available on Amazon and I genuinely feel that it is something I can recommend then it is fantastic if I can over time earn a few cents for sharing what I like. Maybe to you that seems like a waste of time, but it is free money. Well, I know this is debatable because time is money and to create a link can take 10 minutes + the time to write a post to put here, so maybe there are other ways to earn $10 way quicker, but I like the idea of a tiny trickle that can come in over time here and there and surprise me.

Do you have any objections to this? I mean I am not sure why you would because I am not going to terribly spam you, however I will put everything that I purchase on Amazon here on this website with a link, and I may also put links for things I really want to have but can not myself afford.

So in the spirit of this post, here is what I am purchasing today on Amazon. I genuinely love Dr Hauschka, their products are very natural and I can never afford to buy them but right now I found the exact day facial lotion, that I have been wanting since before Christmas, on sale for under $25, the usual price is $45.

Dr Hauschka Rose Day Light Cream, 1 Fluid Ounce

I am not sure if this can really be true but I am going to order it now and find out. I read the reviews and it shipped via Amazon Prime, so I feel that I am thoroughly covered in case I need to return it (which I highly doubt I would do).. I look forward to pressing ‘buy’ in a few minutes, but first I wanted to share with you the direct link to my much desired face lotion. Here it is:

Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Light Cream, 1 Fluid Ounce


Update: The creme has arrived and I love it! I have wanted this for over a year. I paid 50% less than full price, I recommend being patient and waiting for good deals. It was really worth it for me.


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I work as professional artist / photographer, German language instructor and content creator for a small creative business. I am bilingually fluent in German & English, I speak, write, translate and teach both. As a sort of professional hobby I studied both Traditional Thai Massage (since 2011) & Yoga (since 1997). I offer massage treatments and private yoga classes, each tailored to my clients/students. I enjoy helping you heal yourself.

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