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Quick book club alert! Arundhati Roy’s new book is out soon!

I don’t as yet know anything about it other than it will soon be available (due to be released on June 6th!). But as I really enjoy her talks (I go and find them on youtube, I should include a link really!) and have had her on my mind as one of the authors, who is sort of haunting me (in a good way) for countless years..

I have owned The God of Small things three times and never did I quite learn to find my way into it’s covers. But I know one day will be the right day. I am waiting for that moment. Just last summer I stumbled on 2 copies for $5 each copy; in San Francisco this is an unheard of good deal; this books so wants me to pay attention, I must allow myself a few afternoons and yield to this calling. It feels like it is meant to be, just waiting for the right moment.

If you, like me, are very excited to hear about Arundhati Roy’s first new novel in 20 years then here is a link for you to pre-order her book! I can’t wait to read it!

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness / Arundhati Roy Released on June 6th.

If you purchase the book through this link then I will receive maybe 2% of your purchase price and all the pennies will hopefully one day help me live out my book purchasing and coffee drinking loves to their full glory! (That would be one book a week and a packet of coffee every 10-14 days. My ambitions are humble.)

It won’t cost you a penny more if you use my link.

(if you see an advert below this line then it is a wordpress generated one and has nothing to do with me, would you mind letting me know what the advert is if you see one? I am still not sure if I should pay the monthly fee to be able to host my blog ad-free.)

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