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journal entry: the epic to-do-list keeps growing longer and longer

As every time before I go away for long periods of time from one place to another there are countless to-do items on my list. It seems that it never grows shorter but only longer. It can’t help that I spent half of today listening to motivational speakers on youtube.. Sometimes I question my own common sense. Who exactly chooses watching motivational videos on how to get things done as their procrastination technique?

Apparently I do.

The day started ok with a visit to a young woman who is setting up a business of her own. She has so much consistency and continuity. It made me smile how this lady who looks so much more organised than I do still needed my help to get her unstuck from her own procrastination ditch (or dimple in the ground).

We talked though her strategies, a to-do-list that is easily en-action-able, how to give specific instructions to somebody who can help her in the last year I really learnt  so much about how giving poor instructions (or worse none) is a real killer in collaboration & in receiving support of any practical kind in one’s business. The problem seems to be that people don’t actually really know what they need.

When one can’t articulate what one needs help with then one basically get’s ineffective help that doesn’t actually help.. I know this from personal experience because I have been trying to work with a range of poor communicators.

The worst: mono-syllabic, does not express their feelings, just mumbles yes to some things but isn’t following up with their part of the deal, namely: instructing which aspect of their business they would most like help with, what level of authority the helper may operate at… ends up perceiving the person who could help as a threat; souring the relationship sincerely. End result: a less than zero relationship and less than zero progress.

The next worst: enthusiastic requesting for a certain service, to mentioning budget, in fact not once mentioning money at all. Changing dates for the delivery of the service with a 24 hour notice without apology, apparently assuming that the service provider (me) has no other life. Then forgetting to reschedule when zero notice is given on a date change and managing to slip in an insult in the shape of ‘ you aren’t really a professional in this field, per se’.. Not knowing that actually I am and thus having sincerely pissed on this working relationship. Nothing happens in the end, service provider is out of pocket as they turned down a small paid job for this unclear arrangement.

Not great but ok, eventually quite rewarding: Sincerely appreciative but having zero understanding of how long anything takes and that the service requested is akin to running the entire business without realising this. Service provider takes on administrative duties, art directing duties, concept development, strategies, marketing, social media and photography.. Progress is slow as too many jobs are being required simultaneously. But this client is grateful and eventually realises the time each of these jobs take and offers a 50% of all business income pay. End result: not brilliant, very time consuming but the communication lines are open and the creative and managerial freedom is adding to my learning curve,

The new business owner requesting copywriting and offering pay that is equivalent to 3 hours maximum and manages to never quite get to the point in countless Facebook exchanges as to what they actually needs writing. Having already wasted at least an hour with sporadic and irrelevant questions instead of sending a comprehensive email with the specific web links they need to to look at before writing the 900 word text for them. Instead they start and stop the conversation and the job description is lost in fragments on social media. End result: I am really going off this one as it is plain annoying and I am not sure it would add anything to my portfolio, except me being annoyed. I can earn this money with more clarity and much less guess work in other places.


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I work as professional artist / photographer, German language instructor and content creator for a small creative business. I am bilingually fluent in German & English, I speak, write, translate and teach both. As a sort of professional hobby I studied both Traditional Thai Massage (since 2011) & Yoga (since 1997). I offer massage treatments and private yoga classes, each tailored to my clients/students. I enjoy helping you heal yourself.

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