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A sleepless night’s pondering

Can’t sleep, thinking about self portraits, about hair, about collage and silk thread somehow weaving it all together, about the Silk Road and the Taklamakan (yeah, that one is a little random, but I just watched a documentary about the Silk Road today and it would explain the silk imagery in my mind).. Thinking about project ideas for income, about project ideas to keep the Muse happy, about ideas in general, about the many books I have not read and that travel so badly on planes..

Thinking about soon being back in the Wild West, about the thoughts I had when I last left.. Thinking about the way America felt so brutal to my sensitive soul and thinking about the taste of opportunity that calls from Westcoast to Westcoast.. Thinking about how I keep on travelling from West to West.. You could argue that a German Artist from West Germany, moving to West England, to West America, visiting West India and West Thailand has a very west leaning travel direction.. Maybe it is time to explore the East direction more… West to West to West to West….

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