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#2 an imagined life

We rent a semi0industrial unit, which we converted into Jason’s Glass Studio and my Thai Massage Treatment Sanctuary. We share an entrance area in which some of Jason’s most beautiful glass pieces are on permanent display. Jason runs 3 Tai Chi Classes a week from the Sanctuary Space and has 12 regular students and of course some drop ins. They pay $140 each a month and are pretty dedicated.

I offer Thai Massage Treatments and recently added Essalen Massage and Ayurvedic Treatments. As I am only in this space part time I share it with 2 other holistic practitioners and a reliable Yoga Teacher who looks after my students when I am gone. It was a bit tricky to set up but it works well now.


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Birgit Deubner works as professional Artist / Photographer {including transferable skills such as Art directing, handling and installing} I am bilingual German & English, competent to speak, write, translate and teach both. Additionally I have studied both Traditional Thai Massage (since 2011) & Yoga (since 1997). I offer unique massage treatments and private yoga classes.

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