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Yoga review: Ke Yoga

I just wanted to give you a quick review of the Yoga class that we attended yesterday after running into a Yoga teacher on one of the central streets in the old city of Padova, Italy.

Laura was really friendly and let us know that the first lesson is free to attend. I like this as a bargain hunting human but a part of me thinks that the teacher’s time is valuable and I am not sure that free lessons are necessary. I think it is fair to pay any teacher for their time and experience.  In my mind this is also a way to show one’s appreciation and respect.

But of course it helps us a lot if we get the chance to join a class for free. Class fees for two people can quickly rack up to a lot of money.

About the class: Laura’s class is slow and gentle, it is up to the students to get the most ‘work’ out of it. The guidance is evenly paced and there is a lot of focus on focusing.. This would be a very suitable class for a beginner of any motion range. The atmosphere is relaxed and warm. We found it difficult to really let go and be good students because we both have a lot of experience with other styles of yoga and found this class leaving us wanting more.

That being said I do recommend that you try this class, Laura had nice ways of raising her student’s awareness of their bodies and I found myself moving on the yoga mat in ways that are new to me. It might feel all soft at the time, but if you engage your awareness to all of your muscle groups then you might find that you still feel the work you did the next day.

Try and leave your critical mind at the door and see how much you can get out of this class. I was really sleepy at the end of the relaxation time, also worth noting: this class didn’t finish with a traditional savasana but an eyes closed sitting posture, mudra and visualization.

In short: I give Ke Yoga the thumbs up. Try it.

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