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Making space in life and in one’s laptop…

my blog posts are a a little slow in materializing in part because my hard drive on my laptop is full, my ipad is full, my head is full and when everything is full to the brim there just isn’t the room to create anything. You probably know the feeling when you open the door to your bedroom and you hardly know where to begin tidying up; and at first the tidying up creates more mess and progress is slow. If you give up at that point then in all likelihood you will need to move house to every regain control (or buy a new laptop). But we can’t afford to move house all the time or keep spending our money on laptops, can we? Well even if we can, we should learn to create that elusive ‘sanctuary’ of clear mind and physical space in which we can get on with creating new things.

I have just spent two hours attempting to back up photographs from iphoto to an external hard drive. The export keeps failing. So now I am grouping bulks of photos into ‘Events’ and am exporting them into individual folders, this makes smaller and more manageable batches for my old, decrepit machine to process.

Maybe this is a fair reminder to group tasks in life and work in batches. When we have everything on our minds at once then we are more likely to crash and lose the overview over what needs sorting out and when and how.

Break it into bite sized chunks and try again!

What do you think? Isn’t life a bit messy sometimes?

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I work as professional artist / photographer, German language instructor and content creator for a small creative business. I am bilingually fluent in German & English, I speak, write, translate and teach both. As a sort of professional hobby I studied both Traditional Thai Massage (since 2011) & Yoga (since 1997). I offer massage treatments and private yoga classes, each tailored to my clients/students. I enjoy helping you heal yourself.

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