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New Beginnings

.. my new site came with a ready made set of colours and I quite like them, so I will keep them for a while.

Welcome to Over7Seas tips for healthy travel and musings on places that I have seen. Over 7 Seas covers travel, craft, food and health. It is a small business managed by me, and I am a qualified yoga teacher, massage practitioner, inspired wanderer, hopeful seeker, sometimes tearful worrier and at other time a smiling conqueror of life’s challenges and tangled yarn.

I am an opponent of ignorance, mindlessness and not too keen on fluff, I support all expressions of mindfulness and kindness. I say it right here and right now: If you do not care about the food you eat or the planet and the people living on it then you and I will not see eye to eye.

I support a woman’s right to choose, I understand those who wish no woman ever needed to choose, I have a sincere interest in religions of the world yet no time for those making their excuses by saying a greater being will take care of things. And of course am a special foe of those who use religion as an excuse to exclude of violate any group of humans (often female, often foreign, often other to the group staking their claim) .

I love nutritious foods and am hoping to always be able to squeeze my wallet enough to gain access to it. I advocate the signing of e-petitions because it takes just 45 seconds to be a small voice in the worldwide chorus of voices for positive action.

I despise Montsanto and anybody commercializing and patenting nature’s own creations, to achieve nothing more trivial than their own financial gain. As a friend said and many before him: people can only eat so many steak per day before they will be full, why do they need more? This is what I think is the true evil in the world. Greed beyond words, greed for domination for no reason that I can understand.

You see.. I am not too fluffy, but I will write my sociological, economical and political essays elsewhere and here share with you instead: memories of travel. Food and recipes. Photographs and ideas for lifestyle changes. Let me know if you read these words and let me know how you are today. Sending love and light to all corners of the universe, from over the seven seas…

Birgit. x

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I work as professional artist / photographer, German language instructor and content creator for a small creative business. I am bilingually fluent in German & English, I speak, write, translate and teach both. As a sort of professional hobby I studied both Traditional Thai Massage (since 2011) & Yoga (since 1997). I offer massage treatments and private yoga classes, each tailored to my clients/students. I enjoy helping you heal yourself.

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